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Bakar is a city and port in Croatia. Located in Bakar Bay, it is part of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. It lies on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea and covers an area of 12,560 ha and nine settlements.
Urban settlements are: Bakar, Hreljin, Krasica, Kukuljanovo, Plosna, Ponikve, Praputnjak, Škrljevo and Zlobin.
Bakar is located on a hill in the northwestern part of the bay of the same name and is surrounded by hills that reach up to 300 m above sea level. The whole area is rich in sources of drinking water, and is covered with white gorse and low vegetation. The biggest part, however, is occupied by bare karst.

Image by VladoZg at Pixabay

The historical core (declared a cultural monument in 1968) is divided into two parts: the older, upper, so-called. The “town” in which the settlement surrounded by the city walls and the lower part consisting of the “Zagrad” and “Primorje” areas developed. The climate is Mediterranean, so the architecture corresponds to the Mediterranean type of construction with many winding, narrow, steep and stepped streets and small squares.

The Jadranska magistrala (M2, E65) passes right above the city, and to the northwest, about 15 km away, lies the city of Rijeka.

According to the census from 1804, the area of the City was inhabited by 7805 inhabitants.

The characteristics of the copper area are three fundamentally different areas. Today, 25% of the population lives along the shores of the bay. Above the bay, at an altitude of 180-300 m above sea level, about 70%, and the mountain area is inhabited by only 5% of the population, although it occupies 70% of the area of the City of Bakar.